Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How you pay for your car parking is changing at Merseyway and Redrock

From autumn, payments for parking in both car parks will be made by RingGo. Register in advance by downloading the free RingGo app from the App Store or Google Play

What is happening?
We are implementing changes to the payment scheme at Merseyway and Redrock car park, this is planned to take place in autumn outside of the school holiday and main Christmas shopping periods.

How will it work?
Payment will be via the RingGo app on any smartphone or mobile device, or by calling the phone number displayed. It is recommended that residents and visitors register with RingGo in advance by downloading the free app from the App Store or Google Play.

When the change is made, you will notice the entry/exit barriers will be removed. Once you have parked your vehicle:

  • open the app, select Merseyway/Redrock car park (Code 15045) and click ‘Park’.
  • enter your vehicle registration number and choose how long you would like to park for.
  • select your text message preferences and pay for your parking.

When paying by RingGo there is no need to display anything in the vehicle. This means touch-free parking with no cash or ticket handling, less waste and no risk of lost tickets.

A limited number of pay and display machines will be installed across the car park as an alternative payment method. The existing pay-on-foot machines will be replaced.

You can watch this video for more details:

What help will be available?
NCP will continue to manage the car park, their staff will provide operational support during this period of change.

RingGo also provides help and support via their app.

Why is this change being made?
The current pay-on-foot system presents issues at the in-and-out barriers and requires on-site staff to validate tickets for certain users including blue badge holders.

The Chestergate entrance to the Merseyway Car Park has been closed to facilitate new building developments within the shopping centre and this requires a change in the car park operation to minimise the risk of queuing onto the highway.

The popularity and uptake of cashless parking continues to increase and we want to want to make this convenient, touch free payment method available to all residents and visitors through the current contract with RingGo (a UK-leading cashless parking provider).

What are the benefits of this change?
The key, expected benefits of the change are:

  • minimal queuing and delay at entry/exit points – the barriers will be removed
  • easy to use, with quick payment
  • reduced cash and ticket handling, with touch-free parking, less waste and reduced risk of lost tickets
  • Blue Badge holders will not need to validate their tickets (simply display the badge and clock)
  • consistency with other council car parks across the town centre and beyond.

The new system offers flexibility, including the ability for users to extend parking sessions without returning to the car park. Users can also opt to receive text messages when a paid session is about to expire.

Is the cost of parking changing?
No, this change in the payment scheme does not affect the charges.

What about Blue Badge parking?
Blue Badge holders will continue to be able to claim up to 3 hours free parking. They will simply need to display their badge and clock in the vehicle, as opposed to presenting to on-site staff as per the pay-on-foot system.

What about the free parking for customers of The Gym Group and The Light Cinema?
This will continue. Customers will need to park, attend the gym/cinema and enter their vehicle registration number into RingGo on a tablet at the business, which will be placed in paying-customer only areas.

If customers want to park for longer, they will need to pay for the additional time separately using the RingGo app or pay and display.

How will the car parks be enforced?
As the barriers will be removed, enforcement of the car park will be by council officers. They will check vehicles have a valid RingGo session or are displaying a valid pay and display ticket, Blue Badge or permit.

Are the hours of operation changing?
No, this change in the payment regime does not affect the hours of operation.

Is this related to the ongoing construction works in Merseyway shopping centre or car park?
No. Construction work is ongoing as part of a maintenance and waterproofing programme across the shopping centre and car park. This is unrelated to the change in parking scheme.