Don't lose your right to vote

Stockport Council is encouraging residents who have not yet returned their Household Enquiry Forms to do so to ensure they do not lose their right to vote.

The forms must be returned even if there has been no change to residents’ details since last year.
Residents who fail to respond may not only be ineligible to vote, but can also be fined up to £1,000 for refusing to return the form.

It is quick and easy – and can be done either online, by phone or text message:

Internet: Household Response Website
Phone: 0800197 9871
Text: 800 197 9871

Pam Smith, Stockport Council’s Chief Executive and Electoral Registration Officer, said: “Don’t lose your right to vote. Make sure you return your completed Household Enquiry form without delay, or when we visit you, tell us about the people living in your property. We will use this information to register the people at your home to vote. We would like to like to thank you in advance for your co-operation. Please remember, this is a legal requirement.”

For more information visit Stockport Councils website.

People who haven’t received a form should contact the Council’s dedicated Elections Line on 0161 217 6026.