Death of Councillor Maureen Rowles

Stockport Council is saddened to announce that Councillor Maureen Rowles passed away in the early hours this morning (4th April 2017).

Councillor Rowles (aged 85) was a Labour Councillor at Stockport Council who represented the Brinnington Ward between 1980 and 2004, the Brinnington and Central Ward between 2004 and 2008, and the Brinnington and Central Ward from 2010 until the present. She was a former Mayor of the Borough during 2000/2001 and also served as the Deputy Mayor during 1997/98.

The Leader of Stockport Council, Councillor Alex Ganotis, said: "I am deeply sorry to hear of Councillor Rowles’ death.

"She was a genuine, friendly colleague who was committed to representing the Brinnington and Central Ward, where she lived, as well as the people of Stockport. We have lost a good friend and a valued councillor, who was well liked by all who met her and well respected by all those who served with her.

"Her death will be a huge loss to her many friends and colleagues in the Council and her community. She will be greatly missed and remembered with respect. Our hearts go out to Maureen’s family and friends at this very sad time, including one of her daughters, Karen, who is employed as PA to the Leader of the Council.”

Councillor Rowles was first elected as a member of Stockport Council in May 1980 and, at various times, served on all the main committees of the Council during the 1980’s and 1990’s. In addition, Maureen served on the Tiviot Dale Area Committee, the Tame Valley Area Committee and the Central Stockport Area Committee, which she chaired in 2014/15.