Council supports Prostate Cancer awareness month

During Prostate Cancer awareness month Stockport Council are urging Stockport men to be aware of the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer with 44,000 new cases each year in the UK. It’s often slow growing, particularly in older men. Catching prostate cancer early means treatment is more likely to be successful.
Cases of prostate cancer are on the increase mainly due to an increasing ageing population.

Councillor Tom McGee, Stockport Council’s Cabinet Member for Health said:

“Although the number of cases of prostate cancer is increasing the good news is that there has been great progress in treatment. If prostate cancer is picked up early enough, men diagnosed today are two-and-a-half times more likely to live for 10 years or more than if they were diagnosed in 1990. Men are often reluctant to visit their GP if they have health issues but I would urge all men in Stockport that if they have any concerns do get yourself checked out by your GP without delay. It could save your life.”

Possible signs of prostate cancer include the following:

• A need to urgently pass urine
• Passing urine more often
• Getting up in the night to pass urine
• Difficulty passing urine
• A sudden strong urge to empty your bladder

If you do notice changes in the way you urinate, this is more likely to be a sign of a very common non-cancerous problem called an enlarged prostate, or another health problem. However, it is possible it could be a sign of prostate cancer so it’s still a good idea to get it checked out.

Signs that prostate cancer may have spread include bone and back pain, a loss of appetite, pain in the testicles and unexplained weight loss.
For more information about the symptoms of prostate cancer go to Cancer Research UK or see Prostate Cancer UK