Council refuse to renew local private hire operator licence

Taxi licensing update

Since 2011 Taxi Team Ltd held a private hire operator’s licence with Stockport Council. An objection was made against the renewal of their Licence by Stockport Council Licensing Department. This was due to the inappropriate behaviour exhibited by a member of the firm towards Council staff, the firm’s lack of response to recent Licensing Officer enquiries, and their consistent poor maintenance of vehicles. The matter went before the Council’s Licensing Environment & Safety Committee on 30th November 2017 who refused the application.

Taxi Team Ltd appealed the Council’s decision to the Magistrates Court. This appeal was heard on 16th February 2018 at which the magistrates supported the Local Authority's earlier decision. A further appeal was made to Manchester Crown Court but was later withdrawn.

Stockport Council continue to work positively with all current licensees and applicants to ensure the safety of the travelling public. However this case demonstrates that where serious breaches occur, Stockport Council will not hesitate to take the appropriate action.

Chair of Stockport Council’s Licensing Environment & Safety Committee, Cllr Chris Murphy said “Anyone operating a private hire business must meet certain conditions and must satisfy the Licensing Authority that they are a fit and proper person to hold that licence. As Taxi Team no longer hold a Private Hire Operators Licence, it is illegal for them to take private hire bookings for licensed vehicles”.