Council Provider Alterative Futures Group Grows Social Value In Stockport

Health and support charity Alternative Futures Group (AFG) is expanding support services into Stockport for the first time after winning a bid with social value at its heart.

Council Provider Alterative Futures Group Grows Social Value In Stockport

The health and support organisation, which currently supports nearly 900 individuals across the northwest to live more independent lives, is keen that its footprint in the region goes beyond their excellent front line care.

Alongside providing support for members of the community to live more independently, AFG will also deliver four digital inclusion events aimed at the wider Stockport population and be open to those with a learning disability. These events will enable people to experience and understand specialist technologies available to them from the AFG Tech Catalogue that may support their ongoing independence.

Ian Pritchard, Chief Executive at AFG comments "We are thrilled to be expanding AFG into the Stockport region, not only by providing care for the individuals we’ll be working with, but by making sure that we’re connecting in with key community organisations also. Alongside this, we’ve gained a lot of experience and understanding in the role technology can play in supporting people to greater independence; and we’re keen to share that. This is why we’ll be making sure we host events across the community that give access to a range of technology that people may not have encountered before."

AFG will also connect with local Colleges and Sixth Forms in developing employment preparation workshops, particularly aimed at those on courses linked to Health and Social Care, supporting the continued development of those aiming to work within the sector.

Sarah Dillon, Director of Adult Social Services at Stockport Council, said: "By helping Stockport residents, and especially those with learning difficulties, learn about the new technologies available to support them, we hope they will be able to lead more independent, fulfilled lives."

To celebrate its arrival in the region, AFG took staff alongside their Butterfly Mascot on a tour of key locations in the town centre to meet those at the very heart of the community, the organisation is incredibly proud to be working in this region for the first time and is excited to play its part in Stockport’s growing social value agenda.