One Stockport, One Council – Our Council Plan for 2022/23 published

The council has published its Council Plan for 2022/23, which looks to build on the core aims and objectives of the One Stockport Borough Plan.

The Council Plan is designed to build on the positives of joint working and collaboration which have been so prevalent during the pandemic, while also recognising the challenges we face as a borough such as the rising cost of living.

The Council Plan was developed using resident engagement responses that were collected when the One Stockport Borough Plan was in development.

The One Stockport Borough Plan is grouped around 9 key priority areas:

ONE Heart

  • A Caring and Growing Stockport – Including supporting children to have the best start in life, through SEND provision and inclusive schooling
  • A Healthy and Happy Stockport – Including supporting our older residents to live their best lives possible, and developing our mental health and wellbeing strategy.
  • A Strong and Supportive Stockport – Including working with local people and communities to empower voluntary and community groups.

ONE Home

  • A Fair and Inclusive Stockport – Including developing the food network and working together to keep the Stockport £ in Stockport.
  • A Flourishing and Creative Stockport – Including growing our cultural network, delivering our active communities and homelessness strategies.
  • A Climate Friendly Stockport – Including using our Climate Action Now strategy to deliver a more sustainable borough.

ONE Future

  • An Enterprising and Thriving Stockport – Including continuing with our ambitious regeneration plans for the town centre
  • A Skilled and Confident Stockport – Including continuing to promote apprenticeships and delivering Greater Manchester employability projects such as Working Well in Stockport
  • A Radically Digital Stockport – Including strengthening our Digiknow alliance to help everybody in the borough to get online.

There are plenty more details about each of the priorities in the One Stockport Borough Plan, read this here.

The Council Plan aligns with these priorities, whilst also adding a new priority, One Council, which focuses on unifying ambitions around a council that values partnerships and collaboration, cares about staff and engages them in the future and is founded on strong governance. It details how the council aims to deliver on these long-term priorities during 2022/23.

Councillor Elise Wilson, Leader of Stockport Council, said: “Our residents remain at the heart of our plans and are central to our ambitions. The pandemic has widened many pre-existing inequalities across the borough, and we are committed to tackling the underlying causes of inequality.

“Another theme of the plan is to improve sustainability using our Climate Action Now (CAN) strategy and Climate Summit to drive our strategy in this area.”

“Our plan focuses on delivering the best results for residents, and we are focused on putting local people at the heart of a fairer, greener and vibrant Stockport.”

The Plan is also aligned with the long-term vision of the newly published Greater Manchester Strategy, to ensure that we are working with our colleagues across the region to strive for long-term goals such as equality and sustainability.

Read the 2022/23 Council Plan here.