Council awaiting further details regarding Government's latest Covid grant scheme

Details of the new grant scheme will be published as soon as possible

Stockport Council is aware of the latest announcement by the Government regarding additional grant funding support for businesses affected by the impact of the recent measures to control the spread of Covid 19.

We are currently waiting for further information and details about the funding allocation for Stockport and the rules about how the funding can be used and which businesses it is to be used for.

We will be publishing the details of any new local grant scheme and the associated arrangements as soon as it is possible to do so.

However, in the meantime we are again accepting online applications for grant support but these applications will be subject to review against the detailed guidance from government about which businesses and/or sectors are eligible for the grants, once it is received.

This means that grant applications made after December 21, 2021 will not necessarily be successful and businesses will be notified accordingly once the details are known to the Council.

Please check the Council's Coronavirus (Covid-19) support for businesses and employers web pages regularly to see the latest information available about the grant support available and how to access it.