Cost of Living Roundtable Event Looks to Help Residents Through the Crisis

Earlier this week, partner organisations and officers from the council met Cabinet members at a Cost of Living roundtable event.

Earlier this week, partner organisations from public services, the voluntary, community and housing sectors and officers from the council met Cabinet members at a Cost of Living roundtable event. On the agenda was the rising financial pressures for residents and businesses and what the council and partners can do to help ease these pressures, particularly as winter approaches.

Councillor Mark Hunter, Leader of the Council, said, "The current cost of living crisis is an issue that is affecting us all, but in particular those most disadvantaged and least able to help themselves. We want to mobilise our fantastic voluntary agencies and our partners to work closely together and share with those they already help, the wide range of additional support that is available.

"Overwhelmingly, we heard of the commitment to make the best use of the collective resources and expertise we have across the borough. The expertise round the table was hugely valuable and gave important insights into the best way to maximise the support out there for residents.

We are encouraged by the 75 applications received this week for the Council's warm spaces grant, where local community organisations are looking to participate in Stockport’s Warms Spaces scheme. We know there are challenges ahead, but, just as we did throughout the pandemic, we can work together to tackle these challenges. I want to thank all those that attended the round table and the many more in our borough who are actively supporting our residents during these challenging times.”

Councillor Malcolm Allan, Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources, said, “The roundtable was well attended by leaders from all sectors across the Borough and the overriding conclusion was we all need to work together to address the challenges ahead. The Council has a role to provide leadership and co-ordination in the months ahead, to pull together the wide range of support that exists in the community and from established agencies. You can find out more on the special cost of living section of the council website dedicated to listing all the help that's available, not just direct from the council. Even if you've never claimed before, it's worth checking to see what additional financial support you might be eligible for. In the last month, as a result of a special initiative we launched, we have supported local residents of pension age to claim over £109,000 in unclaimed pension credit, giving a much welcome financial boost to these households, as well as providing access to other benefits"

Visit the council’s cost of living webpages at To find out if you might be eligible for pension credits, please visit

If you are a Stockport Homes customer, they also have created a dedicated webpage with all the support available for customers, including money advice, energy, counselling, furniture, food provisions and much more. If you would like a print version of the support available email: