Cheadle secures 'Towns Deal' funding for clean growth

£13.9m investment from the Government is based on three projects in the Town Investment Plan

Following the assessment of the Cheadle Town Investment Plan by the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), Cheadle has been successful in securing a Town Deal offer.

This £13.9m investment is designed to offer the greatest benefit possible, generating jobs and opportunity both locally and across Stockport.

The offer to Cheadle Town Deal is based on 3 projects in the Town Investment Plan, with the High Street Innovation Zone concept not supported:

  1. a new rail station – this is supported subject to further review
  2. the Comprehensive Active Travel proposals
  3. an innovative state of the art Low Carbon Eco Business Park

The funding will be subject to successfully completing Phase 2 of the Towns Fund process, including detailed project and further business case development. The Cheadle Town Board will continue to develop the required project information for this next phase over the coming months.

Cheadle Town Investment Plan was submitted in October last year and is based on connecting Cheadle to the public rail network and unleashing its potential to provide quality employment space for innovation and clean growth.

Marge Falconer, Chair of the Board and Executive Director Alexander BMI Healthcare, said “We are all delighted that Cheadle has been successful in securing up to £13.9m towards an exciting package of projects promoting connectivity, clean growth and economic recovery. This funding will help Cheadle reach its potential as a key player in the region’s post-Covid recovery.”

Rev Dr Rob Munro, Chair of Cheadle Village Partnership, and voice of the local community said “In the biggest local survey ever undertaken in Cheadle, with over 1200 responses, over 85% identified the lack of rail connectivity and local congestion as our greatest concern in our local community. I am very excited that we now have an opportunity to start to address these issues”

Mary Robinson, Cheadle’s MP, has been closely involved with the Board said: “It is brilliant news that the Chancellor has announced £13.9 million as part of our successful Cheadle Towns Fund bid.

"The deal we have secured is in addition to the half a million pounds of ‘shovel-ready’ projects that have already been signed off. This is fantastic for our area, especially for local jobs and ensuring that we keep the green agenda at the heart of all that we do.

“Our Towns Fund bid is all about recognising the vital role that the high street and connectivity play in our community and local economy. The almost £14 million financial boost for the projects, alongside a raft of other financial packages and measures, will ensure that Cheadle is able to bounce back better than ever.”

Cllr Keith Holloway, local Councillor for Cheadle and Gatley ward, said “This is good news for Cheadle, with additional investment coming into the village to improve connectivity and support sustainable green recovery. Residents will naturally be disappointed that the Innovation Zone, with the potential to repurpose empty shops along the High Street, has not been supported. In developing the more detailed business cases we will need to involve local residents and businesses, to ensure that the investment delivers the greatest benefit possible for our area.”

Cllr David Meller, local councillor in Cheadle Hulme North and Cabinet Member for Economy & Regeneration at Stockport Council said:”I am delighted we now have a chance to progress further with the case for a new railway station at Cheadle. This is something I’ve campaigned for quite some time and the potential benefit is huge for the whole borough.

“The Town Deal will allow us to start delivering a green recovery in Stockport with Cheadle at its heart. As well as the potential station, the proposed innovative Eco Business Park and significant investment in walking and cycling will help us build our future after COVID and support the council’s Climate Action Now work. This is a really exciting moment for Cheadle and the borough.”

The following priorities in Cheadle’s Town Investment Plan can now be taken forward:

  1. a new rail station joining Cheadle to the wider public transport network, transforming accessibility to Stockport Town Centre and beyond
  2. Comprehensive Active Travel proposals which include a network of new cycleways to link together residential, employment and transport destinations. Promoting health and reducing local congestion
  3. an innovative state of the art Low Carbon Eco Business Park that will be game changing. It will act as an exemplar for low carbon technologies and clean energy production. The Eco Park will cluster small and large businesses to cluster, accelerating the green business sector