Cheadle awarded 500k to kick start development through accelerated funding scheme

Improvements to Cheadle have been boosted with a £500,000 grant from the government's Town Fund.

The Cheadle Towns Fund Board has secured the funding as part of the Towns Fund Accelerated scheme, which will kick start work on a number of projects as part of a longer-term vision for the town.

Cheadle is among 101 towns across the country to benefit from this additional funding, after the Board submitted their proposals this summer. The improvements will support a subsequent Town Investment Plan, which is to be submitted to the government to secure up to £25m of the national £3.6bn pot.

The submission focused on projects that can deliver early connectivity, encourage people to be active, raise the profile of Cheadle and pilot green and healthy solutions.

An early release of “accelerated funding” means that work can now begin on a number of projects, which will deliver long term economic and productivity growth to the town.

The Towns Fund aims to drive economic growth and success, improve prospects and level up communities throughout the country, with a focus on regeneration, improved transport, connectivity, skills and culture.

The “accelerated” projects identified for funding from the Town Investment Plan, include:

  • A new cycle track at Ashfield Road to provide an important link through to Cheadle Village Centre
  • A package of measures to pilot a “School Street” scheme at Cheadle Primary School
  • Installation of a Parklet on Cheadle High Street
  • The creation of a Community High Street Information point
  • Improvements to Councillor Road shopping area
  • Wildlife and ecological improvements at Abney Hall Park
  • Improvements to Diamond Jubilee including pathways and new fitness equipment

Marge Falconer, Executive Director, BMI Alexandra Hospital, said: “As Chair of the Cheadle Town Fund Board I am delighted that this early investment has been announced. We have thought carefully about what can be achieved within the timescales, so I’m pleased that we are promoting active neighbourhoods and the health agenda. This is vital to the wellbeing of local people and is the start to addressing some of Cheadle’s accessibility challenges.”

Cllr David Meller, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economy at Stockport Council and Cheadle Hulme North councillor, which is in the area covered by the Town Fund, said: “The award of this early Towns Fund money is fantastic news for the people of Cheadle. Following a detailed public survey this summer, which received a huge response, we are now able to get going and start delivering on people’s wishes.

“Our vision is to promote safe and active travel, green growth and health and wellbeing, to bring people back into Cheadle. We have identified a package of early measures that include cycleways and cycle parking, improvements to parks and a community information point, all demonstrating best practice. As a Cheadle councillor, I'm really pleased with the initiatives being proposed - especially for Councillor Lane, which is in the heart of Cheadle Hulme North - and these initiatives will be trail blazers for our longer-term Town Investment Plan which is being developed for Cheadle.”

Mary Robinson, MP, said: “It is fantastic that Cheadle will be able to benefit so quickly from hundreds of thousands of pounds of funding from Government. The money that has been allocated to us early will ensure that we can kickstart a safe and sustainable recovery for Cheadle as well as encourage people to use local facilities. We are now in a position where we are able to accelerate work that will directly benefit residents and improve our high street.

“These proposals are a starting point for a much longer-term vision to connect Cheadle into the wider public transport network and to unlock the area’s economic potential through green growth and improved transport links. Whilst we benefit from this initial funding, I will continue the hard work with community groups on our Towns Fund bid in order to access further funding to revitalise our high street and boost our local area.”

The scheme is part of the wider economic strategy to accelerate infrastructure projects and the country’s economic recovery during the coronavirus pandemic and will help to support improvements to parks, high streets and transport in response to the impact of COVID-19.

The projects are due for completion by March 2021.