Brinnington set to be put on the map ahead of Christmas

New map for Brinnington to support residents and visitors.

Brinnington set to be put on the map ahead of Christmas

Brinnington residents will soon see a new resource in the community with a new map – one of three set to be delivered in coming months – to be put on display as part of the Local Pilot initiative.

The map highlights local landmarks to help guide residents and visitors alike on what they can see and do in the community, including Reddish Vale, which has some great options for rest and relaxation.

The Local Pilot – which forms part of the Stockport Moving Together physical activity recovery programme in response to Covid-19, with both sitting under One Stockport – is about finding new and innovative ways to support people to choose a healthier lifestyle and to help us all get
moving more.

A major focus through the Pilot has been on community input and feedback on what will help people get moving, with this feedback helping to establish projects that will benefit the whole community.

The next two maps will show local walking routes and physical activity options to help the community get moving, and historical landmarks in the third, respectively, with the three maps taken together improving Brinnington’s accessibility.

Residents have taken a key role in designing the maps – providing input on the look and feel and what needs to be captured and how – ensuring local community demands are met.

Life Leisure, Stockport Council, Transport for Greater Manchester, the Brinnington Big Local and a range of local organisations have worked closely with members of the community, who have been vital in exploring the excellent facilities and connections throughout the Brinnington community.

Brinnington provides a variety of options for visitors to take advantage of, including green spaces in surrounding areas, the Brinnington Big Local Community Hub and Brinnington Park Complex.

Cllr Jude Wells, Cabinet Member for Adult Care & Health, said: “This is another part of our commitment to building back better delivered through the One Stockport campaign, which is great to see as we come into 2021.

“One Stockport is about a whole-of-community response to Covid-19 so we do build back better; this is a prime example of how community input has led to a stronger outcome, in this case a real sense of community identity and, in time, improved health outcomes.”

Wendy Edgerton, Chair of Brinnington Big Local said: ‘What we wanted to do is to highlight our local community to everyone, whether that be people who have just moved into the area, long-time residents, or visitors to Brinnington.”

“An obvious landmark is Reddish Vale, where visitors can go for a walk, have a picnic, and enjoy what nature has to offer, but we also have places like the Brinnington Park Complex that visitors can use.

“I am looking forward to the remaining maps being installed and hope to see more people visit our community in the near future.”

Ross McGuigan, Activities Communities Manager at Life Leisure, said: “Through the Local Pilot work this has further highlighted the amazing community spirit and the expertise of local people around Brinnington.”

“It has been enriching to see local organisations, trusted professionals and local residents work together in our regular That Counts forum to form the idea of the maps, which will showcase Brinnington and the connectivity in the community.

“It is only the beginning of sharing the maps across the area and we are keen to see how people will use them with their families, friends and colleagues in the future.”

Faye Drinkwater, Active Travel Officer at TfGM, said: “About two-thirds of adults in Greater Manchester are overweight or obese and around 50% of adults in Greater Manchester are physically inactive, costing the local NHS more than £500,000 per week.”

“With local initiatives such as the launch of the new map series in Brinnington to get more people walking and cycling, we are doing our bit to address the issue around physical inactivity.

The maps have heralded a step change within this community with mental and physical health being put as a priority which can only lead to good things for the residents of Brinnington.”

The Council and partners are working together with a local company to finalise the installation, ensuring the maps are accessible, less susceptible to vandalism, and are displayed in the best possible way.

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