Blackberry Point: Creating places people love in Brinnington

Developer's partnership with council has brought two new housing schemes to Brinnington

Blackberry Point: Creating places people love in Brinnington

Over the past two years, Countryside has partnered with Stockport Council to bring two brand new developments to Stockport, Blackberry Vale and Blackberry Point, both of which have become home to first time buyers, local families and eager Stopfordians keen to become part of a revitalised community in Brinnington.

In March 2017 Countryside launched its first Brinnington development, Blackberry Vale, a collection of 98 brand new homes on the edge of Reddish Vale. Selling out in under 12 months, Blackberry Vale became home to 87 first time buyers and 70 buyers who purchased through the Government-backed Help to Buy scheme

Building on the success of its first development in Brinnington, Countryside launched its second development, the nearby Blackberry Point development in May 2018, a range of 166 three and four-bedroom homes. Since the launch, 76 homes at Blackberry Point have already been bought by first time buyers with over 60 homes sold through Help to Buy.

With over 50% of Blackberry Point already sold, Countryside has welcomed local people and buyers from further afield to Blackberry Point. Over 50 buyers from Greater Manchester have set up home at Blackberry Point with buyers also relocating to Brinnington from as far as London and South Wales.

For first time buyers Elisha and Mark, Countryside’s investment in Stockport came at just the right time as the couple looked to move to the town from Prestwich. Elisha commented: “What sold us on the home was its design. We fell in love, but we genuinely thought that the home was out of our budget. The most exciting thing about the whole process is just being in a home that is completely ours - it’s hard for young people to get on the property ladder, but we did it!”

Cllr Sheila Bailey, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Stockport, said: “These developments have made a huge difference to Brinnington and offer good quality affordable homes, giving first time buyers the opportunity of getting on the housing ladder, which is not easy in the current climate.

“This is part of our wider regeneration plans for the area, which also includes our investment in the new sports and leisure centre. This has really complemented the new housing and provides fantastic, modern facilities for local people.

“It’s great that families are choosing to invest in Brinnington and seeing it as a place to call home.”

Philip Whitehead, Regional Regeneration Director at Countryside, added: “The real success of our work as Stockport Council’s development partner is the difference that our investment in the area has made to local people.

"First time buyers have been able to own their own homes thanks to the huge regeneration that is taking place and we’re very proud to be a part of that. We are just one piece of a much wider jigsaw in this rejuvenated community and we very much look forward to seeing the picture continue to grow in Brinnington.”