BID funds new town centre hub for police unit

Totally Stockport has funded the new base for GMPs Town Centre team

BID funds new town centre hub for police unit

Totally Stockport BID has agreed to fund a new Police office base for the Town Centre Policing Team within Stockport Town Centre.

The new hub will be a great addition to the town and complements the BID’s commitments as set out in its business plan.

With the expansion of the town centre Police Team, the BID and Police, with continued support from Stockport Council, are focused on delivering additional resources for the businesses that it represents in the town centre and their staff.

As a result, the BID agreed a funding partnership with GMP for a new office base, which will see enhanced officer numbers on the high street supporting businesses.

Stakeholders have been in discussions to see how they can understand the needs and concerns of Stockport’s business community and users. The project will work with businesses to support them.

Rhys Owen, BID Chair, said: “This is a great project to support the Police enabling more officers to be available to work with businesses within the area. The BID is very pleased to be supporting this new expanded location for the Police.”

Sgt Jim Senior from GMP said: “I am delighted that Totally Stockport and Stockport Council have agreed to support and fund a new town centre office for the Stockport Central Neighbourhood Policing Team.

“The new police post is bigger than the previous one and is in the heart of Stockport town centre meaning we are more accessible to the public and our partners.

“The expansion has allowed us to put extra officers “on the beat” in our community who can get out and about more quickly and more often.

“We are committed to making Stockport safer for all and ensure that we continue to fight, prevent and reduce crime to keep people safe.”