Beware Fake Flu News

Stockport residents are being urged to get the true facts about the flu vaccination and not be influenced by fake myths circulating about the flu vaccine.

Beware Fake Flu News

Although the majority of Stockport’s adults and children eligible for a free flu vaccination receive their yearly vaccination there are still thousands of residents who go unprotected due to the mistaken belief that the vaccination can give you flu or if they are pregnant that the vaccine will harm their baby.

The Council urge residents to refer to reputable sources such as the NHS Choices website or their local pharmacist /GP if they have queries and concerns about the flu vaccination.

Councillor Tom McGee, Stockport Council’s Cabinet Member for Health, said:

“In Stockport the majority of adults eligible for the flu vaccine do go and get their jab however there are still many who are influenced by fake stories about the vaccination. The fact is that the vaccine is the best way to protect you from the flu.”

Dr. Baxter, Stockport’s Public Health Consultant said:

“The most common reason people raise with me is that you can get the flu from the vaccination itself. This is scientifically untrue. Side effects are also rare and mild. The fact is however that catching the flu can be deadly for those with an underlying health condition, those who are over 65, pregnant women and also healthy children so I would strongly urge those eligible for a free vaccination to get it if they have not already done so.”

See more information about Flu Myths on the NHS Choices web site
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