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Call for Stockport residents and organisations to become Dementia Aware

Stockport Council and health partners are calling on residents, community groups and businesses to become Dementia Aware during Dementia Awareness week (May 14th-20th)

Andrew Webb, Corporate Director for People at Stockport Council said: “There are a number of ways that individuals and organisations can become more dementia aware. There is a Dementia Road Map resource which is an online directory of local, and national resources relating to dementia care including information about drop-ins, support and available activities. Individuals can sign up to become a “Dementia Friend” and local organisations, businesses and schools can join the Stockport Dementia Action Alliance.”

Ways to become Dementia Aware

• The Stockport Dementia Action Alliance encourages and supports local communities to take practical action to improve the lives of people living with dementia. To become a member of the Stockport Dementia Action alliance, organisations and community groups pledge to carry out at least three actions that will help make Stockport a good place for people with dementia to live. For more information on how to join see Stockport Dementia Action Alliance.

• To become a Dementia Friend see

• The Stockport Dementia Road Map Resource Directory with information on local support groups and other useful resources for people with dementia and their carers can be viewed here.

• Attend Stockport’s ‘Doing Dementia Differently’ event at the Plaza on the 20th of June.