Appeal for pictures to adorn front cover of new borough-wide cycle maps

Residents can submit pictures to council's Walking and Cycling project team and winners will be decided via our new Twitter page

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) are in the process of designing a series of cycling maps for Stockport Council as part of the Town Centre Access Plan (TCAP) behaviour change project.

The routes that feature in the cycle maps series have been selected by officers and incorporate the key cycle corridors into the town centre, from several wards from within the borough.

The routes are as follows:

To ensure residents can tell the difference between each maps, an image from each of the routes will be taken and placed on the front cover.

We would like to invite residents to take a picture of areas on the routes highlighted above with the winning picture being used on the front cover of the maps.

To decide which one is chosen as the winner, a vote will be held on our new, official, @SkWalkCycle Twitter account. The most likes for an individual picture will used to determine the winner.

Entries, in JPG or PNG format, can be submitted by 12pm on Friday, August 27 to

The winner will be announced on August 31. We will need the winner’s written consent to use the image on the maps.