Annual Council Meeting – Tuesday 21 May

The Annual Council Meeting took place today.

At the Council Meeting this afternoon the following appointments have been made:

Mayor of Stockport - Councillor Laura Booth
Deputy Mayor of Stockport - Councillor John Wright
Leader of the Council - Councillor Elise Wilson
Deputy Leader of the Council - Councillor Tom McGee

The new Cabinet Members together with their Cabinet portfolios are:

Cllr Elise Wilson - Devolution
Cllr Tom McGee - Resources, Commissioning and Governance
Cllr David Meller - Economy and Regeneration
Cllr Colin Foster - Children, Family Services and Education
Cllr Jude Wells - Adult Care and Health
Cllr Sheila Bailey - Sustainable Stockport
Cllr Kate Butler - Citizen Focus and Engagement
Cllr Amanda Peers - Inclusive Neighbourhoods

The appointment of the following Leaders of Political Groups were also made:

Labour - Councillor Elise Wilson
Liberal Democrat - Councillor Mark Hunter
Conservative - Councillor Mike Hurleston
Independent Ratepayers - Councillor Adrian Nottingham

The meeting also appointed councillors onto the following:

Scrutiny Committees
Scrutiny Co-ordination Committee
Ordinary Committees
Area Committees
Working Parties and other Member Bodies
Representation of the Council on Outside Bodies
For more information visit the Committee structure page.