A message to parents and carers of children across Stockport from Chris McLoughlin, Director of Children's Services and Steve Nyakatawa, Director of Education Services

As you will be aware central government has recently changed some of their plans about the return of our children to our schools.

On 15 June revised guidance was issued to both the primary and secondary sector in which schools were asked to continue with their plans for the wider re-opening of schools for Nursery, Reception, Year 1, year 6 and a quarter of Year 10 and Year 12 at any one time. In addition schools are asked to continue to support critical workers and vulnerable children.

We appreciate that this may well present you, as carers, with some frustrations and anxieties. Each school has worked hard to develop their plans about the offer they can make based upon the available staffing and the space they have available. Unfortunately, many schools do not have the space to offer a place to every child who falls into the above categories.

Schools have been advised to continue with the offer that they had in place for the widening of participation that largely began in Stockport for primary schools on 10th June and 15th in high schools. Whilst they will continue to be as flexible as possible to accommodate additional children if places are requested, this may not always be possible. If you are a key worker and are unable to access a place at school but still require childcare please contact the local authority through school.enquiries@stockport.gov.uk

Schools will of course continue to provide home learning for any children that are not in school.

Schools have worked hard to develop their own local offer and these will vary from school to school. Whilst this can also be frustrating, the offer they can make is dependent upon the resource available within school, both the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and the people available to work on this. Central government has recognised that as schools are welcoming more children into their buildings, it may be more difficult to maintain the same level of remote education provision for pupils not attending. Individual schools will let you know, via their website and usual communication routes, what offer they can make to your child.

Please be assured that schools are very concerned about the needs of all the children who are not currently attending school. They are currently thinking about how to best serve children when they do return to school, taking into account any gaps in learning that have emerged since the lockdown began.

Thank you for your patience at this very difficult time.

Yours sincerely,

Chris McLoughlin
Director of Children’s Services

Steve Nyakatawa
Director of Education Services (Interim)