A bold and ambitious vision for town centre living in Stockport

Our ambition to make Stockport town centre the residential location of choice in South Manchester.

A bold and ambitious vision for town centre living in Stockport

Last night property professionals and stakeholders joined Councillor Alex Ganotis, Leader of Stockport Council, and Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, at the Town Centre Living Summit, held in Redrock’s new The Light Cinema where they heard about Stockport’s ambitious vision for town centre housing.

Stockport town centre is quickly being seen as an exciting, attractive place to live with new residential developments and improved public spaces for everyone to enjoy.

But we don’t want to stop there. Stockport Council wants our town centre to become the residential location of choice in South Manchester.

The role of town centres is fundamentally changing. Today, they need to be places where residents can live, work, play and connect, contributing to the continued success of the immediate area and the wider town.

By bringing new high quality homes, open spaces and amenities to the heart of Stockport, our town centre will become home to an integrated, vibrant community enjoying our emerging offer. When the scale of the Council’s ambition is combined with the borough’s fantastic location, unrivalled connectivity, growing demand for town centre homes in Stockport and the ongoing transformation it’s easy to see the huge potential for town centre living to thrive in Stockport.

At the event, attendees heard about residential developments like the White Lion restoration and Covent Garden Village already underway, Stockport’s vision of bringing new, high quality homes, amenities and green space into the town centre, and the vital role this will play in the continued rejuvenation of the area; before sharing their knowledge and expertise of bringing forward developments.

Working together, these knowledge and insights will now be used to ensure that the mechanisms and support are in place to:

• Secure further investment into Stockport town centre
• Help resolve potential barriers hindering the development of sites
• Establish design standards for all future developments and open spaces, making Stockport an even better place to live, work and visit for residents both now and in the future

Getting these building blocks in place will see Stockport quickly fulfil its town centre housing potential and become home to an even more vibrant and sustainable community, creating significant benefits for both the area and the rest of the borough.

Councillor Ganotis, Leader of Stockport Council said: “Town centre living is changing and the demand for homes in the heart of Stockport is continually growing. This is great news and presents significant opportunities for us right here, right now to continue with our development work, making Stockport a vibrant and popular place to live, work, play and connect 24/7.

“We want to make sure that we are in a position to capitalise on this demand, and that Stockport becomes the leading town centre living location in South Manchester. At the Town Centre Living Summit we set out how we will work in partnership with investors, developers and the Mayor to accelerate our vision of new quality homes, amenities and open space for Stockport town centre.”

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, said: “Stockport's impressive plans for redevelopment, as outlined in their Town Centre Living Summit, are mirrored by the council's ambitious and innovative Town Centre Challenge nomination. We're doing things differently here in Greater Manchester, and I want urban areas across all 10 boroughs to benefit from increased investment and renewed town centre living, remodelling our proud towns for the future.

“Stockport's plans demonstrate a clear and unambiguous ambition to become a key urban centre in South Manchester and, using my new powers as Mayor, I will lend my support in any way I can.”