5 Ways to Keep Moving in Winter

From signing up to challenges to socialising, Stockport Moving Together brings you ways to enjoy moving more as the days continue to darken.

5 Ways to Keep Moving in Winter

1. Sign up to a Challenge
Whether it is undertaking the BBC Couch to 5K plan by downloading the free app, or trying the Women’s Health 30 day challenge, having a goal can really help keep up motivation. If you're exercising outside make sure you wrap up warm, remember that layers and high visibility are essential in the darker months.

2. Make it Social
Research suggests that if people are meeting up with friends to exercise, they are less likely to pull out, so, buddy up with a friend or get involved with a local group or class. Parkrun organises free 5km timed runs and is a great way to meet people, you can even run with your kids too. Need inspiration? Check out Brian from Marple’s story, and if Running isn't for you, why not join a friend for a walk in one of our fantastic green spaces? Or try the Active 10 app to fit in a 10-minute brisk walk each day.

3. Habit stack
Not having enough time was cited as the main reason why people struggle to fit in movement, according to a survey by Public Health England. So, try and fit movement into your everyday. Walk around your home during adverts or try some sit ups, waiting for the kettle to boil do some heel raises or bench presses on the countertop, dance while you’re cooking and squat while you brush your teeth. It all counts!

4. Train at home
There are plenty of free online tutorials, videos and podcasts to subscription-based services. Don’t have any equipment don’t worry, the NHS’ Strength and Flex plan is designed to be equipment-free and easy to follow.

5. Keep track of how much you are moving
There are numerous apps and gadgets that can help keep track of your activities. Not tech savvy? make a note or place a dot on a calendar or chart, it can help you visualise how much you have already done, and this will help you to keep going as the weather gets more miserable.