Keeping up to date: Stockport residents encouraged to take part in 2021 annual canvass

Stockport residents are being urged to look out for communication from the council regarding their electoral details, or risk losing their voice in future elections.

The 2021 annual canvass ensures that Stockport Council can keep their electoral registration details up-to-date, allowing them to encourage any residents who are not registered to vote to do so.

Residents are advised to keep an eye out for communication from Stockport Council, and follow the instructions on any correspondence to ensure that the electoral details for every address in Stockport are kept accurate.

If they do not respond to inaccurate information, residents could lose their chance to have their say in important future local and general elections, so it’s crucial that everyone checks that their details are up-to-date.

The easiest way to respond to your form is online. If you are not registered to vote, your name won’t appear on any messages we send. To register to vote for future elections visit GOV.UK.

This year’s canvass is even more important due to the pandemic. We want to reduce canvassers having to make house calls to encourage people to respond to messages.
People who have moved recently are encouraged to look at registration messages from the council, as these people are least likely to have registered to vote with the correct details.

Any residents with questions can email the Stockport Electoral Services team at