10 reasons why you should sign up for the Stockport Review EXTRA

Stockport Council is encouraging residents and businesses from across the borough to take one minute and sign up to the Stockport Review EXTRA.

It comes as they highlight 10 reasons why the monthly e-newsletter is worth signing up to:

  1. Keep yourself up to date – with everything from updates on recycling to school admissions to news from libraries and all the latest local events, the Review EXTRA is the one place every month that you can receive all the latest news from Stockport Council.

  2. Special Editions – Never miss out on the latest updates such as ‘Getting Ready for Winter’ or the ‘Christmas Special’ with all the latest festive news from Stockport.

  3. Read it anytime, anywhere – Because the Review EXTRA is sent direct to your email inbox, you can read it on a variety of devices, no matter if you’re at home, on your way to work or on even on holiday, meaning you can always stay up to date!

  4. It’s only sent to your inbox once a month – Which means only the most important and need to know news and events are emailed to you.

  5. Celebrating Stockport – It’s not just their own news, they share news and events happening from across the borough making it a one-stop shop for local information.

  6. It’s to the point – Only the best news and events are highlighted and with each news item being short and snappy, it means you can be kept up to date without it taking too much time out of your day!

  7. You can watch too – It’s not all just words, words, words! Videos are often featured in the Review EXTRA too!

  8. It takes one minute – Signing up is quick and easy, all you need to do is enter your email address by visiting www.stockport.gov.uk/reviewextra

  9. 8,000 people can’t be wrong – So far thousands of people have subscribed to receive the Stockport Review EXTRA!

  10. Award winning? – The Review EXTRA has been nominated for a prestigious award later this month meaning it could soon be voted the best publication in the North West!

Cllr Elise Wilson, Stockport Council’s Cabinet Member for Reform and Governance, said:
“The Stockport Review EXTRA is one of our most popular ways of communicating with residents and businesses on a regular basis.

“So if you haven’t signed up yet I would definitely recommend doing so, as it only takes a few minutes and is popular every single month with our 8,000 subscribers!”