Moving from children's to adult social care

1. The Early Adulthood team

The Early Adulthood team is part of adult social care, which works under the Care Act 2014. Section 58 of this legislation refers specifically to working with young people as they prepare for adulthood. The Act states that local authorities have a duty to undertake a child’s needs assessment for any child who is likely to have needs for care and support after becoming 18 and where it would be of significant benefit to do so.

How we work

The Early Adulthood team works with young people who are approaching adulthood and who may need support from adult social care when they turn 18. Some young people may have had support from services as a child, but others may not have done.

We work closely with professionals in education, health and children’s social care to identify young people who may have care and support needs. We also work closely with any other professionals or services who are involved with a young person and may be able to support with the assessment and support planning process.

We aim to work directly with the young person throughout the assessment to make sure it is ‘person centred’. Their views and wishes must be included. The assessment will also involve anyone else that the young person wants to involve such as their parents, carers or any other support. When planning support, we consider each young person’s strengths and assets and how these can help them to achieve their outcomes to live their best life.