Hat Works Museum temporary closure

The Hat Works Museum is closed to visitors for refurbishment and reinterpretation.

For more information about the project follow us on our:

This can be a full or half day trip and the maximum number of pupils is 35.

Pupils will look at the history of Stockport and its part in the 19th century hatting industry. Pupils will experiment with a range of techniques to create a piece of work that can be used in an existing project. We can offer pupils a variety of millinery workshops or courses including making a blocked hat or a fascinator.

You can combine this workshop with a gallery tour of our extensive hat collection as a great way of gaining new ideas and inspiration.

You can choose 1 session from the list below to make your half or full day trip:

  • batik
  • screen printing
  • felt making
  • fascinators

You can choose your session after you have made your booking and they will be tailor made for you.

These workshops offer many opportunities to cover areas of the Art and Design curriculum.

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