Mental health

2. Aims of the service

We believe people within the mental health system should be able to live life to the maximum and be enabled to follow their chosen recovery pathway.

They start on the road to recovery at the first contact with the system because:

  • they are treated with respect and given information and choice at the first contact (usually in primary care)
  • they have early referral and access to peer, professional or specialist support, as appropriate for them

They are respected as an individual and keep connected to wider networks beyond mental health services because:

  • they develop a sense of identity and feel valued
  • they have purpose and meaning in their life
  • they can access advice and support for those things that matter to them such as finance, housing, employment
  • the role of carers is acknowledged and valued; they are included and supported as appropriate

Their road to recovery is as rapid as possible because:

  • they have care and support tailored to them, addressing their mental and physical health and well being
  • there is a culture of therapeutic optimism which supports recovery and personal responsibility
  • they receive high quality safe service in a context of positive action