Multi-agency adults at risk system

3. What happens after we've received your referral?

MAARS panel meetings usually take place once a month.

An initial agenda planning meeting, or pre-panel meeting also takes place. All new referrals, or old cases being referred back, are considered. This meeting will either:

  • make specific recommendations or
  • signpost the case to the most appropriate services or
  • agree that the case be included on the agenda for a full panel discussion, within the confidentiality agreement that MAARS participants sign up to

You'll be advised after the pre-panel meeting if your case is proceeding to panel, in which case you or a representative will need to attend. The meetings are held in the Town Hall.

At the meeting information is shared and ideas considered. A lead agency is also identified. It's the role of the lead agency to update the risk assessment based on new information available from the panel. Action points will be agreed and monitored at future meetings and you may be asked to supply updates.

Strategy meetings are often held as an action from MAARS. Detailed discussions may take place drawing in all key parties, but not all those who attend the panel meetings, and detailed actions agreed.