Multi-agency adults at risk system

2. Referrals

Reasons for referral

  • threat of homelessness
  • anti-social behaviour issues
  • complex needs
  • victimisation, including domestic violence
  • at risk of harm to themselves and others
  • substance misuse issues
  • offender or at risk of offending
  • problems with independent living
  • low level mental health
  • physical health problems
  • learning disability
  • lack of resilience to cope, or lack of problem-solving

How to make a referral

Adult social care staff, Social Workers

You'll need to enter an assessment (MAARS case record) on Carefirst. Briefly explain:

  • the reason for the referral
  • concerns and risks
  • if there's anything in particular that's being sought from the MAARS panel. Is it simply that you do not know what else to do?
  • make sure your manager is aware and is in agreement with the action
  • email: with the Carefirst number to advise the team

Children - LCT staff, Social Workers

  • complete the 'Referral to MAARS' form on EIS
  • include the information above
  • email: to advise the team

Other referrers:

  • email setting out the reasons, as above
  • do not use the name in an email, just use an initial
  • if you know the Carefirst or EIS number use this
  • call the team to advise them of the name so that they can marry the information up
  • there's no need to send password protected documents. Send all anonymous information by email
  • if you do need to send password protected documents, use the MAARS password provided by the team