Local Restrictions Support Grants

Applying for the Local Restrictions Support Grant

Applications close on 31 March 2021 for businesses that were closed because of tiered and national restrictions from 23 October 2020 to 15 February 2021.

If you have not applied and your business was closed from 15 February to 31 March 2021, applications are open until 31 May 2021.

This information is based on government guidance and may be subject to change.

National restrictions - 16 February to 31 March 2021

Eligible businesses

Find out if your business is eligible on GOV.UK.

The person responsible for paying Business Rates for the premises will receive the grant.

How much businesses will receive

Businesses that have a rateable value:

  • of £15,000 or less will receive £2,096

  • between £15,001 and £51,000 will receive £3,143

  • of £51,001 or more will receive £4,714

Businesses that are not eligible for the Local Restrictions Support Grant

Business that are not eligible include:

  • businesses that are able to continue to trade because they do not depend on providing direct in-person services and can operate remotely
  • businesses that have chosen to close but have not been required to close
  • businesses that have already received grant payments that equal the maximum level of State Aid permitted under the de minimis and The COVID-19 Temporary State Aid Framework
  • businesses that are in administration, are insolvent or where striking off notice has been made at the date of the local lockdown

If your business is not eligible, you may be eligible for the Discretionary Grant Schemes.


Grant income received by a business is taxable. Businesses will need to include the Local Restrictions Support Grant as income on their tax return.

Only businesses that make an overall profit, including grant income will be subject to tax.

Apply for the Local Restrictions Support Grant

State Aid and Business Grant Subsidy Allowance

Find information about State Aid.

From 4 March 2021, State Aid was replaced by the Business Grant Subsidy Allowance. Subject to these financial limits, businesses will be entitled to receive a grant for each eligible premises.