Local Land Charges Search

3. Requesting documents

LLC1 search results

When you receive the results of the local land charges search it may list documents which are registered against the property or land.

To request the documents you can email landcharges@stockport.gov.uk and we'll let you know whether we're able to provide you with a copy. We aim to respond to any requests within 5 working days to confirm whether we hold the document and to arrange payment.

Please ensure you provide full details of the document as shown on the search results and the relevant address. There's a fee for receiving the documents.

Document fees

Document fees are £42 and include:

  • Tree Preservation Order
  • S.106/S.52/S.38 Agreement
  • Conservation Area Document
  • Article 4

Payments for searches should be made through your bank. Make your payment to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council.

Bank Name: Barclays Bank PLC
Sort Code: 20-05-25
Account Number: 50785288

You'll need to quote 'LLC' and the property address in the reference.

You'll need to send a BACS remittance/receipt to landcharges@stockport.gov.uk to confirm the payment has been made. Your search will then be processed.

CON29 search results

The results on the CON29 will reveal planning consents, building regulations, enforcement notices and highways information.

If you want more information regarding these results you can contact the relevant departments: