How to renew your Leisure Key

You can renew your card at any of our libraries up to 30 days before and after the expiry date. You can find the expiry date on your Leisure Key card.

To renew your card, you'll need:

  • your current card
  • proof of eligibility
  • proof that you live in Stockport
  • a recent photo, although it may be possible to use the photograph from your current card

If you're aged 60 years old or over, you only need to bring in proof that you live in Stockport.

You can find out the location and opening times of all Stockport libraries on our libraries webpages.


To renew your card, it'll cost:

  • £1.40 for Band A
  • £3.25 for Band B
  • £6.15 for Band D
  • £10 for Band E

Lost or damaged cards

We can replace lost or damaged Leisure Key cards. You'll need to provide proof that you live in Stockport and pay the renewal fee.