Family members of Leisure Key cardholders

You may be able to apply for a Leisure Key if you're:

  • the partner of a Band A cardholder
  • a child aged 18 years old or under and one of your parents or legal guardians is eligible for a Band A Leisure Key

Children aged 8 years old or under will be added to their parent or legal guardian’s Leisure Key. Children aged 9 to 10 years old can either be added to their parent or legal guardian’s Leisure Key, or pay for their own. Children aged 11 to 18 years old will need to pay for their own Leisure Key.

You can find more information about the bands and who can apply on the previous page.

To apply, you’ll need:

  • proof that your partner is a Band A cardholder
  • proof that you receive Child Benefit or proof of access rights for any children included on your family card
  • proof of the child's date of birth, such as:
    • a passport
    • a birth certificate
    • a CitizenCard
    • a student card
    • a travel card

If anyone aged under 18 years old is applying for a card, their parent or legal guardian must also be present.