Language support

We provide specialist English language teachers. They work in partnership with schools to meet the needs of all pupils from minority ethnic backgrounds. These include those from Gypsy/Traveller, refugee/asylum seeker and African-Caribbean families. They also provide support to pupils developing English as an additional language.

We also manage the council’s team of trained interpreters and bilingual workers. They can interpret over 30 languages for the whole community and, where requested, beyond the borough.

We have close links with minority ethnic communities in Stockport. This means that we can provide valuable information and data in relation to these groups. We can also organise access to them for consultation purposes. Another aspect of our work is supporting schools and educational services in the area of race equality.

We also offer training on how to make education more inclusive and provide cultural talks and demonstrations in schools. These talks and training sessions promote understanding and celebrate cultural diversity, leading to stronger community cohesion.