We Love Stockport

Stockport is a fantastic place to live, work and visit - let's all pull together to make it even better.

You have told us you take pride in where you live and work and you want to do more. Research tells us that that people are less likely to drop litter where areas are clean and tidy. If we all work together to set a good example we can help to stop the waste and litter that is spoiling our streets.

We are actively tackling unacceptable behaviour around waste and litter by launching our ‘We Love Stockport – Be Proud of Where You Live’ campaign and encouraging Stockport residents and businesses to support us. The campaign includes new ways to recycle, how you can team up with others in your local community and how to get involved with helping out at your local park.

If you are interested in organising a community litter pick we can provide guidance, bags and litter pickers (on loan) and arrange for the litter to be collected and to be disposed of after the event. Email our Public Realm team at district.standards@stockport.gov.uk for more information.

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