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Keeping the streets clean

3. Graffiti

Graffiti damages the appearance of our streets and public places, with areas affected looking neglected and uninviting. Graffiti is an illegal practice; it spoils both public and private property and can be very costly to remove.

Graffiti is classed as anything which is written, scratched, painted or sprayed on the surface of any property. It ranges from the simple act of tagging a location with initials through to elaborate paintings.

The council remove graffiti from council owned property - this includes council offices, street furniture such as lights, signs and benches, litter bins, and play equipment in parks. The council also have arrangements with Virgin Media to paint out graffiti on their green street cabinets and with BT to clean off graffiti from their street cabinets.

The council provides a free graffiti removal service for domestic residential properties and businesses with fewer than 50 employees, if the graffiti is visible to the public.

Graffiti is removed using a variety of methods, such as, jet washing, painting out, using chemicals. The removal of graffiti from private property is subject to the signing of an indemnity form by the property owner.

The council will respond to reports of offensive graffiti within 1 working day and non-offensive within 3 working days - this initial response allows the council to establish who owns the property, if the free removal service is applicable and if so, to request an indemnity form.

The council will remove offensive graffiti within 1 working day and non-offensive within 3 days of receiving the indemnity form - we encourage the prompt return of indemnity forms so not to delay the removal of the graffiti.

For other street furniture, such as bus shelters, traffic lights, postal boxes etc and for other private property including property owned by Utility companies, Network Rail and Highways England we notify the owner of the property and request that they deal with the matter.

To let us know about an issue with graffiti use the online form below:

Report an issue with graffiti