Keeping the streets clean

2. Cleanliness grades

The four grades of cleanliness are detailed below:

a. No litter or refuse / detritus
b. Predominantly free of litter / detritus and refuse apart from some small items
c. Widespread distribution of litter / detritus and refuse with minor accumulations
d. Heavily littered / heavy detritus with significant accumulations

It's expected that we should keep land clear of litter and refuse to avoid falling below a grade B. This will be through the use of monitoring and the appropriate use of available resources.

During the leafing season, the normal street cleansing schedule is suspended so that leaf fall can be prioritised. The cleaning crews remain in an area until all the leaves are cleared, before moving on to the next area. This pattern is repeated throughout the autumn months until the borough is clear of leaves.

Dangerous leaves are leaves that are beginning to rot and become a slip hazard. When they're reported, the aim will be to attend the location within 1 working day to assess the danger. It will be cleared within half a working day if deemed to be dangerous.

To report litter, dog fouling, broken glass, leaves or dead animals on the highway use the online form below:

Report a street cleansing issue

Spillages on the highway that could cause an immediate hazard to road users need to be reported. Call us as a priority on 0161 217 6111.