Keeping cool in the Summer

Keeping cool in very hot weather is important because it can make existing health issues such as heart or respiratory problems much worse, especially in older people. Young children and those with health problems can also be at increased risk.

Useful tips

  • keep your house cool. Shut curtains or blinds
  • keep bedroom windows open at night
  • take cool baths or showers, or even spray water over yourself
  • do not take part in excessive exercise. This can cause heat stroke or heat exhaustion, both of which can be fatal
  • keep hydrated by drinking regularly. Do not drink alcohol as this can cause dehydration
  • maintain a healthy diet. Eat more fruit and salads if possible
  • when driving put the air conditioning on or open a window
  • try to pop in and see any older neighbours every day
  • do not stay out in the sun for long periods. Stay in the shade
  • make sure you have the right high factor sun cream and re-apply it regularly
  • wear lightweight and light coloured clothes and a hat
  • do not leave children or pets in parked vehicles
  • make sure you know what the local weather forecast is, so you can dress appropriately and take what you need with you when you go out

Visit the NHS website for more advice and guidance on how to cope in hot weather.