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Investing in Growth

Stockport is already a great place to live, work and visit but we are not content to stop here and want to build on this creating more jobs and opportunities for all. It is for this reason that an important part of our Investing in Stockport programme is Investing in Growth.

Investing in Growth with around £1 billion invested into a range of ambitious projects launched across Stockport by ourselves and partners, each aimed at ensuring your town continues to grow. Estimates predict that this will bring at least 5,000 new jobs and 1,100 new homes to our town.

Investing in Growth will see:

  • local transport networks improved, making it easier to get in and around Stockport, bringing jobs and opportunities closer
  • new housing developments being built, ensuring that homes are available that meet the needs and aspirations of all residents
  • developments taking place to ensure that Stockport can continue to build its position as a key business location

Details about our projects as well as up to date travel and traffic information can be found by visiting the page below.

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