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Information for tenants

2. Disrepair

There may be a time during your tenancy that you identify disrepair within your property. This could range from a leak to a broken boiler to a loose staircase handrail. In the first instance, any identified matters of disrepair should be put in writing to your landlord via email or letter.

You can download and use our disrepair template letter (PDF 171Kb). A copy of the letter sent to your landlord should be retained as evidence for the Housing Standards team if required.

If you have raised the issues in writing with your landlord and have received no, or in your opinion an inadequate response, you can report the issues to us using the online form below.

Report property disrepair

Once we have received your form we will be in touch. Dependent on the information provided, it is likely that the officer will arrange to visit your property to assess the disrepair reported and advise whether it is the responsibility of the landlord to rectify.

Under no circumstances should tenants withhold rent for outstanding matters of disrepair. Rental disputes are a separate issue to disrepair and withholding rent can lead to future problems, e.g. eviction, poor references.