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Information for tenants

3. Damp and mould growth

Information about the different types of dampness and associated mould growth can be found in the Damp and Mould brochure from the World Health Organisation.

Find information about the treatment and prevention of condensation, dampness and mould growth in the home:

If you notice damp and mould growth in your private rented property, this should be put in writing to your landlord via email or letter. A copy of the letter sent to your landlord should be retained as evidence for the Housing Standards Team if required.

You can download and use our damp and mould letter template (PDF 27Kb).

If you have reported damp and/or mould growth to your landlord in a privately rented property and nothing has been resolved, you can report the issue using the online form below. The completed form will be sent to the Council's Housing Standards Team. An officer will then be in contact to discuss the problem directly.

Report damp and/or mould (private rented sector)