Information for landlords

Changes to landlord licensing legislation

From 1 October 2018 there will be changes in the way houses in multiple occupation (HMO's) are licensed. All HMO’s regardless of the number of storeys, with 5 or more occupiers will now require a licence. For more information visit our changes to HMO licensing page.

4. Harassment and illegal eviction of tenants

A landlord may be committing an offence if they harass and/or illegally evict their tenants. Legal advice should be sought if you are landlord and wish to seek back possession of a property which is currently tenanted as there is a legal process to follow in order to evict a tenant.

More information about harassment and eviction of tenants can be found on the Shelter website.

If you are looking to seek possession of a property which is currently rented, you can find information about evicting tenants on the GOV.UK website.