1. Help and advice

For all but the simplest of projects we recommend that you speak to us before submitting a planning application.

Firstly you should contact to the planning department via email

You need to provide sufficient and accurate details of your proposal so that a proper assessment can be made. These should include a scaled sketch plan of the project and a location plan identifying the site.

We will then provide you with contact details for future correspondence.

Pre-application discussion guidance notes

For complex proposals you should also read and the pre-application discussion guidance notes (PDF 120Kb). This contains information that will help you then complete the pre-application discussion form (PDF 71.88Kb).

Where necessary meetings can be arranged with other Council Officers to deal with the various aspects of your proposal. For example, highway engineers, conservation officer, planning policy staff etc.

The advice given will constitute an officer view of your proposal based the information you provide. It will take into account material planning considerations, the Core Strategy and other policy documents. The advice will be without prejudice to the final decision taken by us once a formal application has been submitted.

Pre-application standing advice on drainage for major developments

Read the pre-application standing advice on drainage for major developments (PDF 530Kb). It relates to the requirement for sustainable drainage systems to be considered when determining applications for major development. It also includes advice on the drainage hierarchies and a validation checklist.

Pre-application advice on archaeological interests

Read the pre-application advice on archaeological interests (PDF 335Kb). It provides information on how to obtain pre-application advice from the Greater Manchester Archaeological Advisory Service. The advice helps if there are, or you suspect there might be, archaeological interests on a development site.

Pre-application advice and guidance