Getting married or forming a civil partnership

7. Getting married abroad

If you're based in Stockport and have plans to get married overseas, you may have to provide a certificate of no impediment. You'll need to contact the country where you plan to get married to find out if this will be required, as each country has its own requirements.

If required, you must attend an appointment in the register office to have your notice of intention to marry abroad recorded. The certificate of no impediment would then be issued after 28 days if there is no objection to the marriage abroad. Call us on 0161 217 6007 to book your appointment.

Service Fee for service delivered before 28 May 2024 Fee for service delivered from 28 May 2024 onwards
Certificate of no impediment £35 £42

You'll also be charged a non-refundable administration fee of £5 per person.

Visit GOV.UK for more information about getting married abroad.