Getting married or forming a civil partnership

3. Civil partnerships and civil marriages

Stockport Register Office offers a wide choice of venues for a civil partnership or civil marriage. These venues include Stockport Register Office, Stockport Town Hall and a range of other approved premises.

If you'd like to have a ceremony or reception at any of our approved premises in Stockport, you can book up to 3 years in advance.

Civil partnerships do not require a ceremony, however, if you'd like to have a ceremony we can offer you one. The signing of the civil partnership schedule in the presence of two witnesses is all that's needed.

Civil partnership registration is an entirely secure process. The Civil Partnership Act prevents any religious service from taking place during the statutory steps leading to the formation of a civil partnership.

Notice of intention

To book your civil partnership or civil marriage you'll need to book an appointment to give your notice of intention.

Required documents

You'll need to bring documentation to your notice of intention appointment.

If your local register office is Stockport you can use our enquiry form to get in touch.