Independent travel training

Travel training is a one-to-one individualised programme that provides a young person with the skills and confidence to be able to travel independently and safely. Travel training is all about moving young people away from Local Authority transport and teaching them to travel on their own either by bus, train or tram. Travel training has been shown to:

  • give people greater control in their lives
  • empowering people to make decisions
  • allow people to take advantage of opportunities in their communities

We’ll work with the child or young person’s school to make an assessment. There will also be a discussion with the child or young person and their parents or carers. Travel independence will be developed at the child or young person’s own pace. They will be challenged to achieve independence whilst reaching a level of attainment that they’re comfortable with.

The travel training programme is delivered by Pure Innovations. You can visit the Pure Innovations website to find out more about the scheme.

Apply for independent travel training

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