Improving energy efficiency in Stockport

1. Affordable warmth

We work with the Greater Manchester Combined Authorities, government departments and agencies, energy companies and installers to identify opportunities for improving the energy efficiency of our residents’ homes.

Home Energy Conservation Act Greater Manchester 2021-2023

Read how we're committed to supporting and delivering the Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) in the Home Energy Conservation Act Greater Manchester 2021-2023.

Affordable warmth is the ability for householders to heat their homes to an adequate level for household comfort and health without developing debt as a result. The Affordable Warmth in Stockport (AWIS) service can help to refer vulnerable clients for a range of local services.

These services include:

  • benefits advice
  • debt advice
  • fire safety Checks
  • advice for carers, older people and those with disabilities
  • access to grants and trust funds for private sector housing only

To access this service for yourself, a friend, relative or customer, please email the Energy Efficiency team