Improve your digital skills

1. iDEA - Digital skills award

iDEA is the Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award. It's a fun way to develop your digital and enterprise skills, unlock new opportunities and enhance your CV. This is an industry recognised award that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Young people and adults alike can work towards an award and it’s totally free. You can learn on your own, with friends or family, in school or with an organised group or club.

It's a digital version of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, open to all ages. There are 3 levels of Award - Bronze, Silver and Gold. You work towards each award by earning badges online as you learn new skills. Each badge carries points and when you earn enough points, you will receive the award.

The badges are fun and flexible. They cover a wide range of bite size topics: online safety, image and video editing, coding and many more.

You can earn iDEA digital badges on your phone, tablet or computer - basically anywhere you can get online.

How to get started

You only need an email address to get started.

Everyone in Stockport who takes part in iDEA can earn an exclusive Digital Stockport badge. This gives you points towards your Bronze award.

Use the button below to sign up and automatically claim your Digital Stockport badge. Once you’ve signed up you'll see your Digital Stockport badge and points appear in your badge store.

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