How to pay your Council Tax

1. Direct Debit

We offer various methods to pay your Council Tax. The preferred method of payment is Direct Debit.

You can pay your Council Tax each month and let your bank do the work for you. We can now offer you a choice of three payment dates: 1st, 15th and 25th.

Direct Debit has never been easier. It’s really simple to set up, the quickest and easiest way is to apply online.

You can also use the form to tell us about a change to the Bank or Building Society account that you want to make payments from.

Please have your Bank/Building Society account number and sort code available to set up your payments.

We will send you a new Council Tax bill once we have set up your Direct Debit so please continue to make payments as instructed on your bill until then.

Once your Direct Debit is set up there is no need to adjust/cancel your instruction. We will always inform you in advance of any change to your payments and your Direct Debit will automatically continue when your new annual bill is issued.

Set up a Direct Debit