How CCTV is used

4. Protecting your privacy

We take the issue of people’s rights to privacy seriously.

Control centre operators receive training on the Data Protection, Human Rights and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Acts.

Operators are trained not to stereotype individuals. They aren't permitted to follow people with the cameras unless they have reason to believe they have or are about to commit an offence, or have a concern for the welfare of the individual.

There are only two instances when a camera operator may view a private area and these are both related to crimes in progress.

The first is in response to a direct request from the police. Second is when a camera operator has actually witnessed a crime and is directing a police response.

In both cases, the operator is required to submit a detailed report justifying their actions.

Any request from the police for directed surveillance will be subject to authorisation on production of a signed Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) form. Any complaint regarding the invasion of privacy will be investigated thoroughly.