1. Overview

An overpayment is where you have been awarded more Housing Benefit than you are entitled to.

A change in your circumstances may have reduced your benefit from a date in the past. This could be for a number of reasons, for example:

  • An increase in income
  • Someone moving in with you
  • You moving out of the property

If an overpayment arises, the local authority is duty bound to get the money back.

We are able to recover most overpayments. The only exception is when we make a mistake and you couldn't have been expected to know that you had been overpaid.

For example, if we had awarded you benefit based on your rent being £690.00 weekly rather than monthly, we would consider that you could be expected to know the amount you received was incorrect.

It's therefore essential that you advise us of any changes as well as any errors which have been made.